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Test Case Surveys

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Utilizing Test Cases for Data Collection 

You are able to utilize the Applause testing community to do much more than simply running exploratory and structured testing. Surveys are a great way to enhance the types of data you can collect during testing.

Test Case Surveys allow you to present the testers with fully customizable questions of different types – single / multi select, date-time, numerical and free text. This ability may be used for several use cases, including:

  • Surveying the testers on their opinions about the tested product.
  • Collecting customized structured data as part of the test case execution.
  • Timestamping different actions executed as part of the test case

Setting Up Survey Questions

Survey questions are currently set by internal-only tools. Please contact your Applause team in case you see a need for utilizing survey questions.

Viewing Survey Questions 

You may view the survey questions from the Applause Platform.

To view the survey questions:

1. Log in to the Applause Platform and navigate to Test Cases.

Nav Bar

Note: In case you are managing multiple products under your account you may want to view only test cases of a specific product. In this case you should first select it in the product selector. Learn more about the product selector here.

1. The Test Case Management page will be displayed, by default on the Test Cases tab. While on the Test Case tab, locate the test case that contains survey questions. 

2. Click on the test case name to see its details. 

Survey Questions

Viewing Survey Questions Results

Test cases that are based off of survey questions are generally not expected to get a “pass / fail” result. Rather, such test cases will be marked as “completed” once all questions are answered. The answers are available to view and export like the “regular” test cases. Learn more about managing the results here and exporting it to an external file here.

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