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Unsupported Bug Tracking Systems

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The Applause Platform currently supports integration with over a dozen [ilink url=””]Bug Tracking Systems[/ilink]. If the tool you use is not on this list, you still have a few options to easily extract bug information out of the Applause Platform.

  1. The Email Connector: This option allows you to export bugs via email. Most tracking systems offer the ability to configure a special email inbox that can then create a ticket when an email is sent to that address.
  2. Webhooks: Webhooks allows you to push bug details directly to an external URL.
  3. Export to CSV: You can export lists of bugs into a standard CSV format, which you can then import into your own BTS.


Additionally, for the integration options we currently support, there are a few limitations of which to be aware.

  • We only support basic authentication at this time, so if your BTS instance uses two-step authentication, it will not be able to integrate
  • Two-way integration is not currently supported, meaning:
    • We cannot automatically send non-Applause-discovered bugs to the Applause Platform or through the Applause Bug Fix Verification
    • Comments or other updates made within your BTS will not push to or update the Applause-discovered bug in the Applause Platform
    • You cannot approve or reject Applause-discovered bugs directly within your BTS interface
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