Logging Events to the SDK Server

Logging Events to the SDK Server

  The Applause SDK allows you to manually log events to the Applause SDK server. This can be useful when you are debugging problems or crash reports submitted by your users because you can track custom defined activities from your application.

The Applause SDK comes with its own logging library com.applause.Log, which you can use in place of the standard Android logging library. This class mimics the standard android.util.Log and has the same interfaces including the Log.v, Log.d, Log.i, Log.w and Log.e methods. Also, the Applause SDK’s logging methods will still pass your data to Logcat.

The easiest way to have all your logs go through the Applause SDK is to replace the import statement:

import android.util.Log;


import com.applause.android.Log;

Filtering sessions by logging level

You can control the level logging sent to the Applause web panel in your App Settings via the ‘SDK Logging’ options.