Mobile Surveys

Mobile Surveys


In order for your apps to receive and display mobile surveys please integrate with the latest mobile sdks (released late June 2016). Survey support starts on versions 3.7.0 (both iOS and Android). Once you’ve updated you’re ready to start using Mobile Surveys!

Surveys are set up via the web panel and presented to a participant while they’re using your app.

Setting up a survey


In the left hand menu click on “Surveys” and then on “Create survey”


You can set the survey Title and Introduction message. These are displayed at the top of the survey.


Plus the prompt that will ask the participant to take the survey.


Now add some questions


You can choose from three options:

Single selection – participants can choose one of several options.


The participant will the following:


Multiple choice – participants can choose more than one option.


The participant will see something like:


Free form – participants can give textual feedback based on the question.


Mandatory Questions

By checking the “Mandatory” check box it is possible to ensure that participants answer that specific question.

Targeting Groups

If “All participants” is selected then all participant added to your application will be prompted to take the survey.


Alternatively it is possible to narrow down the participants by group (see above)



It’s possible that to add a trigger delay based on current session time (session starts when the participant logs in to the Applause SDK).


In the coming months we will be adding more and more sophisticated triggers.


Finally clicking on ‘Publish Survey’ will open up the survey to your participants!


What can I change after publishing?

It is possible to change anything that might break the logic of the survey.

  • Triggers (currently session time)
  • Targeted groups

You cannot edit question or choice texts. As you might imagine changing the question text in the middle of a survey from “Do you like cats?” to “Do you like dogs?” would invalidate the survey results.

Closing your survey

In the “Publish” tab you can close the survey by clicking on “Close Survey”. Once a survey has been closed no more results will be accepted or presented to participants.