New Applause Platform!

Welcome to our brand new platform which offers increased usability, refinement of existing features, and new capabilities. This update was based on extensive feedback from our customers and addresses common pain-points and feature requests. We hope you enjoy it!


Get familiar with new features!

Watch the video for a walkthrough of new features.



2-way Jira Integration: For Jira 6.0 and higher, you can map your Jira issue status’ to ours, so status updates happen automatically, in both directions!



Known Issue Management: Any approved bug will get flagged as a “known issue,” and allow you to carry it forward into future test cycles so that testers see them, and won’t report the same bugs. Watch the video for a step-by-step walkthrough.


An Improved User Experience:
  • A fully responsive web page (works well on mobile!)
  • A separate chat app (also works on mobile)
  • New Issues view to enable easier bug triaging
  • New view of test case results – quickly and easily see where something failed

Better Bug Quality:

  • Define App components to define your test cycle scope and view bug results by component
  • Defining your test cycle scope is also improved with the help of a best practices template

Better Reporting with Test Cycle Summary Charts: 

  • View nice charts and graphs to see bugs by value, status, app components, etc.
  • See testing coverage (devices, environments, etc.), and export to CSV file for slicing and dicing