New Look Android and iOS Mobile SDKs

New Look Android and iOS Mobile SDKs

Android SDK  3.4.0 and iOS  SDK 3.3.0 introduce a completely new UI to the mobile sdks a bit darker and much cleaner.


Android | iOS


Enter your registered email address to access MBM.


Once in the app shake or use the notification bar to create a new report. As before you have two options: Report a Bug or Give feedback.

Please notice the new settings option (three dots in Android and cog in iOS)


Settings View


In the Settings view you will find the following:

  • email address of the participant
  • Ability to Update the version of the application (if available)
  • Show Tutorial (the blue screen)
  • Switch accounts to another MBM participant
  • Allow data to be sent over a cellular network

Reporting Bugs  


Reporting Feedback