Pro-actively survey your beta participants for Contextual Feedback

Pro-actively survey your beta participants for Contextual Feedback

Since the mobile SDKs 3.2.0 it’s now possible to proactively seek feedback from your user base.

For example, if you are testing a new feature you can set up a ‘trip wire’ in the flow to prompt the user for feedback about the new feature. (They don’t need to shake!)

How it works

You can customize the following attributes of the Feedback UI:


The application starts to listen after a successful Applause SDK login. So please make sure any trip wires are laid after you start your Applause session.

The context is expressed in the TAGS parameter, here you can tag your feedback with a context so that in the web panel you know from where in your application the feedback came.


Android Example 

Intent intent = new Intent(context.getPackageName() + "/feedback");
intent.putExtra("TITLE", "Custom Title");
intent.putExtra("HINT", "My custom hint");
intent.putExtra("RATING_TITLE", "Custom Rating title");
String tags[] = new String[]{ "dashboard", "premium_user"};
intent.putExtra("TAGS", tags);


iOS Example

NSDictionary *feedbackSettings = @{

@"TITLE": @"Custom title",
@"RATING_TITLE": @"Custom rating title",
@"HINT": @"My custom hint",
@"TAGS": @[@"tag1", @"tag2", @"tag3"]}; 
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"APLShowContextualFeedbackNotification" object:nil userInfo:feedbackSettings];