Reach out to Participants with chat

Reach out to Participants with chat

MBM now allows you to reach out to participants  via a simple chat window.

Every bug or feedback details page now has a dedicated chat.

You can start the conversation by clicking the blue button (this will activate the chat for that bug/feedback)

A text area with a hint “Type message here…” will appear and this is where you should enter the message and click “Send”.


You will see your message appear the participant will also be notified of each message via email. (in the example above they’ll receive 2 messages)

The participant will receive a branded (assuming you’ve added branding) email with a link to a chat.

This can be opened via a mobile phone or desktop and will take them to a chat with details about the bug of feedback they created plus the chat history.

The participant can reply to your messages via a unique chat room related to the bug or feedback.

Chats will auto-update periodically.

Closing a conversation

At the bottom of the chat window there is a link to close a conversation. Closing the conversation will disable this particular chat. Chats can be reopened at any time by the beta manager.