Troubleshooting SDK (iOS)

Troubleshooting SDK (iOS)

For  general trouble shooting  with the SDK go here.

SDK Settings (i.e. Server URL, APP Key) are ignored

The number one cause of settings not being applied in the iOS SDK (i.e. the App Key is wrong or the SDK mode is ignore) is that the settings are applied AFTER the session is started.

For example:  

[[APLLogger settings] setMode:APLModeQA];
[APLLogger startNewSessionWithApplicationKey:@"APPKEY_ONE"]; 
[[APLLogger settings] setServerURL:@""];
[[APLLogger settings] setMode:APLModeMarket]; 

In the above example the URL and Mode (in red) will be ignored. The  iOS SDK will still be in Pre-Production Mode pointing to the default server.